Yes a full house,  and you were sure that the guy you were betting was cheating when he showed his four queens.  It does not matter now.  How could you have known that your ex wife would do that?  You were so young then.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Do you deserve to be punished?  You can not think about that now,  you must keep your senses and escape.  You run over to the smaller door that you saw the trapper leave from.  It's not locked but there is another tape with your name on it.  You press play. 

locker directional lock.jpg

You have really never seen a lock like this before.  (he he)   It looks like it moves in directions.  Left, right, up and down.  But how does that work with the puzzle?  You realize if you don't get this antidote  in a few minutes, you are going to die.  You fumble with the lock and eventually you enter the directions ________.  

spiral directional puzzle NEW .jpg
Directional Puzzle Thoughts
Directional Puzzle Deep Thoughts
Directional Puzzle Deeper Thoughts
Directional HEEEEELP