Feeling nostalgic ? Well so were we !! Did you see how it all started? I went to Edmonton almost 6 years ago, to play my first ever escape room. I got instantly addicted and came back home to Saskatoon. I said we NEED this in our city. 2 months later, Deadlock Escape was born! I opened our first escape room called Missing Marilyn! It has over 400 5 star reviews !! WHAT ?!?! Well ... we had a little space not being used .. so guess what?? We brought it back !! If you missed it the first time ... Play Saskatoons first and LONGEST running Escape room !!


There is a serial killer on the loose, taking and murdering girls that look like Marilyn Monroe. Your friend Elizabeth, who happens to look a lot like Marilyn, was supposed to meet you for supper but is 30 minutes late. Since that is not like her at all, you decide to phone her. On the other end all you can hear are screams, and a voice cries out 539 20th st w as the phone loses contact. You try to call the police, but they cant help with missing person cases for 24 hours. It’s up to you and your friends to go to the address and see if you can find your friend, before it’s too late!





306 979 5625


Brooklyn Marie Anderson, was reported missing.  Her last known whereabouts, was in Harrison Hotel in Saskatoon.

Father Olans,  had reported making several DVD recordings, with Brooklyn.  Sadly, we have lost all contact with Father Olans AND Brooklyn.  

You and your team have been tasked with locating the 3 documented DVDs and if possible finding out what has happened to the priest.   


Difficulty - 9       

Scare Factor - 9

Recommended Players - 6


WARNING - Scares and suggestive themes  Under 13 MUST have adult consent and supervision.  

The New And Wonderful Wizard School-NOW OPEN !!!

ONLY at 539 20th Street West


We are pleased to announce that you have been chosen to compete for the final spot in at the Hyde Street Wizarding Academy!! There is only one spot left and as such the competition will be tough !! Do you have what it takes to retrieve your entrance letter ?! Good luck wizards !!

Difficulty  6       

Scare Factor  1

Recommended Players 4-8 Players

Deadlock Escape Saskatoon Escape Room Virtual Reality


You always did wonder about that eccentric old professor Dr. M Sterious. Often seen around town collecting strange fluids, artifacts and even body parts – both dead and alive. No one has seen the professor in the last few months and your curiosities are going mad. The old building he used to work in has just been condemned by the city and in exactly 1 hour the demolition crews will begin it’s destruction. But you, you just can’t help but wonder exactly what went on inside that lab….
Difficulty   4-5         
Scare Factor  0
Recommended Players   2 - 6 



All Room Escapes $27.00 plus gst per player.

All Experiences are one hour long.


306 979 5625



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Deadlock Escape Saskatoon Escape Room Virtual Reality
Deadlock Escape Saskatoon Escape Room Virtual Reality