Gathering your senses at the last second, you use every ounce of strength to push yourself under the table,  and not a moment too soon,  the vent is no longer just pouring out grain.  Giant concrete blocks start crashing down, right where you were standing!  You would have been a human punching bag for sure if you had tried to run out of the room.  Looking under the table you see a number 8.   After what seems like an eternity,  the vent closes and you are able to dig your way out.  Being careful not to cut yourself on any of the sharp broken concrete.  You realize that if the door had not been opened,  you would have died in there for sure.   Maybe that is why sloth is written on the outside of the door, you think to yourself, if you had been slower,  you would surely be dead in that room.  Maybe that was game one.  What door would you like to explore next ?   

green door.jpg
blue door.jpg
red door.jpg