You press the button and nothing happens.   You are just about to try another one when you feel the floor underneath you start to shake.  You get a bad feeling as you take a step back just in time to watch the floor below your feet start to fall and break apart.  As you are falling you really wish you had studied Latin harder in school.  What did it mean to start with SPES ?  The thought attacks your mind as you hit the ground.  Your fall was broken by something wet.  Then it hits your nose,  the most foul stench ever, you realize you are lying in pig guts.  You look up and standing over the pit is the trapper himself.  You try screaming at him, but realize quickly that he is not going to show you any mercy.  He walks out of sight and a machine activates.  More pig guts and blood are spilled over you, you start to scream again as a lid is lowered onto the pit,  you can only pray your death will be quick.   It wasn't.