Of course it was concussio.  This is the Latin word for wrath.  You press the button and the painting pops open revealing a hole in the wall.  You realize that putting your hand in a dark hole in the trappers lair is just asking to be mutilated.  You also have no choice.  You jam your hand into the hole and feel around, you feel a number carved in the hole,  It's a 2.  Reaching around you find and remove a small scroll.  One, two, three, four, aaaaaand five,  yes you still have all your fingers.   Time to see what is on this scroll.  


What in the ever loving?  You think to yourself you did not go to college for four years to wind up trapped and dead because you couldn't solve a scroll.  This has to have an answer,  and it looks like that answer will unlock the red keypad.   All you know after reading this, is that you need to follow the letters to form a word.   You can not touch a red X or the area around the X.  And you need to start at the top left and move your way to the end.  It says you can not go back.  You did remember seeing a red keyboard on the green door.  Is that what this means ?  

Scroll Thoughts
Deeper Scroll Thoughts
Scroll Getting Warmer
Scroll Figured Out
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