You realize the only thing you can do is make a run for it!  Your legs sink into the grain as you try to run, and you wind up falling forward.  You start to laugh as you try to regain your balance.  Nothing seems to work as you end up falling flat on your face.  Your laughter comes to a halt quickly as a giant cement block falls out of the vent landing straight onto your back. THUD!  The pain is instant like a lightning bolt shooting through your veins,  and then you felt nothing.  The pain is gone.  The pain is gone, and your control is gone with it.  You realize you can't feel your legs at all.   You try to push and push with all your might, but your body just will not react.  Thud Thud Thud!  More cement blocks pin you down, as the grain rises higher and higher,  you start to realize that maybe getting under the table would have been a smarter choice, these would be some of your last thoughts as you feel the grain now pouring out over your head, starting to take your breath away.