Welcome to Deadlock Escapes:  Stuck in an Elevator!!

We all know that this time has everyone a little worried, and being stuck in your house is obviously not ideal.  So I have created a free little puzzle game that you can play with family or friends to hopefully kill some time .


Your so excited to do some sight seeing in Las Vegas !! You just get off the airplane but getting in very late.  You decide to just get to your hotel and crash so you can get a quick start on the day tomorrow !! You jump in the cab and the driver asks you where you are headed.  You say "TO THE STRIP!!"  The driver leans back and says "could you be a little more specific?   I need the name of your hotel."   You can't seem to  remember the name of the hotel offhand,  but its definitely an ancient massive construction, with a square or rectangular base and four triangular sides meeting in an apex.  Aaaaah, replies the cab driver and he starts driving,  taking you to the _________ !  

Here is how it works,  just click on the blank and enter the answer as a password to the next page to move on.  You can use ANY means to answer including google, phone a friend, you tube, or just the clues on the page.  To make it a little less guess work, there will be no capital letters in the answers, and no spaces.  Good Luck !!