Due to the overwhelming number of hint requests coming in, I have decided to leave a clue page here to use as you wish !! On PC just hover your mouse over one of the boxes to see what the clue is 

For mobile users scroll slowly until you see your clue, if you go too far, you might see the next one, so be careful !! :) Have fun all ! 

Keypad Clue

If the elevator is ME

and you are YOU


It comes from the main floor to you asking only for prime#

6 songs 
with 6 numbers
If you learn the 
songs the numbers
will find the code!

Elevator Music Clue

It's like a game of 
musical chairs...
or musical numbers

Finally Clue

Google will come
in handy here!
Trip Advisor
#1 Show 

Show Clue

Follow the wires
learn the word :) 

Now What Clue