The Perfect Storm! Escape Rooms and Virtual Reality....

Happy people, Happy Team Builders! Escape Rooms at Hanselman... Deadlock Escape has come up with the perfect game day solution for Team Builds. While some players are going through their escape the newly opened Wizard Room...others can be going through their own crazy fun virtual escape room world...what a fun way to spend the time! The new location at 539-20th St West...offers some of the most AWESOME VIRTUAL ESCAPE room experiences ranging from Adult Horror to Childrens activities along with the LIVE ACTION WIZARD ROOM! Lots of room for the very large Team Building endeavor. And of course, the Hanselman Escape Rooms speak for themselves with each rooms track record of superior

New Room....We're OPEN!

Anyone want to go back to school? Maybe give this one a try? But we'll warn you..this is not the reading, writing, arithmetic place of yore...The schools that you used to know and love. Building is still under a bit of construction, but will be opening VERY soon. Another's a tricky little place, and lots of crazy...We wish all who enter these hallowed halls of learning, a very very GOOD LUCK! You are all going to need it...if you want your diplomas! 539-20th St West Every Time I think of this School, this Cartoon comes to mind...The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Contests Contests Contests!

Our fearless leader just loves to give things away....Right now he's got an 18 person Birthday giveaway for the VR room, and this contest is going berzerk! People are loving it...and over 16,000 people have seen it..and I've lost count as to how many have entered. Go have a look at our Facebook page for all the details. I believe this contest runs until April 1st. And then a new one is on the horizon, but we'll have to wait to get all the details on that one..but I think it's going to be a that Cash Quest Logo And then there is this..what can I say about this...Our Cash Quest game is just that..something fun and exciting for everyone...And who else could get half the

What We've been Up To :)

Here are some pics we have taken since we opened. Nothing like working in minus 25 weather Same day signage...some painting coming up this spring..More Fun! Still Minus 25...brrrrrrrr Some of Our Stations All this Fun..and Did I Mention Exercise? Can Only Imagine What They Are Seeing!

Welcome to our new home of Deadlock Escape!

We have had such an amazing first couple of years presenting everyone with new escape has been such fun! We're branching out now, into the World of Virtual Reality . I'm going to ask...How many here are familiar with Virtual Reality? If you are familiar with Virtual Reality, what do you like about it, what don't you like about it? Maybe email us with your thoughts to The people who have come through the VR room...are ABSOLUTELY enthralled! They love it!!! And our reviews can attest to that. Warning, VR can be addictive. And why not?...When you can leave this world and go wherever you want..literally...This is something we've always wanted to do ever since w

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Deadlock Escape Saskatoon Escape Room Virtual Reality
Deadlock Escape Saskatoon Escape Room Virtual Reality