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Doesn't sound bad,,,,doesn't look bad.....but this...thing... has turned our lives upside down....Streets our empty...most business's closed...it's even changed the way we view and greet one an other.No more hugs, make sure to stand six feet apart...groups more than ten are illegal...

we've been reduced to robots that the government holds the controls to. They now run every aspect of our lives. Have given us cheap gas for cars that have no where to go.Cheap airline fares, for planes that can't fly. Even created incomes for us...with nowhere to spend.Our cozy homes resemble prisons now...

Deadlock is closed..as our most business establishments THIS TOO SHALL END! Our human spirit will prevail. We will come back, bigger and better, with more appreciation for our normal lives than ever before. We'll be kinder, more helpful, and hug one an other a little tighter than ever.

Lets get through this mess, and look forward to our brighter days ahead!

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Deadlock Escape Saskatoon Escape Room Virtual Reality
Deadlock Escape Saskatoon Escape Room Virtual Reality