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Cash Quest 3!

Cash Quest 3

Coming soon... But this one will be a wee bit different than the previous...different format, more interaction with our sponsor friends, perhaps a puzzle or two...MUCH MORE FUN FOR EVERYONE!!!

Come back to Deadlock and keep watch for the SPECIAL upcoming page...

UPDATE JULY 15th-2019

To enter this game, there is a registration fee of $25.00 per person OR per group. If you go as a group, you will split the prize among your group. August 2nd will have the first puzzle drop, so be sure to be registered by then to avoid missing anything. This is going to be such fun for people and with the help of our wonderful sponsors, more treats are in store for all.

So far, here are the sponsors everyone can thank for making these quests the great success they have been...and this one promises to be the BEST yet!

Puzzlemaster https://www.puzzlemaster.ca/

Saskatoon Robotics https://kilobots.com Anytime Fitness https://www.anytimefitness.com/

King Me https://www.kingmeboardgamery.com/

Mini Maker Faire https://saskatoon.makerfaire.com/ Snooker Shack http://www.snookershack.ca/ Wendell Clark’s Bar and Grill https://wendelclarks.com/ Mars Mini Golf www.marsminigolf.ca Timberjaxe Timberjaxe.ca Pink Cadillacs http://pinkcadillacsdiner.com/

Click on their links and take a walk through of what these business's have to offer...they are SUPER!

So get ready to start your engines...and hey....let's be careful out there!


Cash Quest has come and gone...it was exciting, sometimes frustrating, but a very nice family finally prevailed...taking it all....so all in all, a great success!

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