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Bad Riversdale! Good Riversdale!

Look at that Beautiful Castle in the distance of 20th Street West Riversdale district.

Look at that beautiful castle in the background looking down Riversdales 20th St West Saskatoon.

For anyone wondering....Riversdale used to be the "bad boy" of Saskatoon...This district used to have the worst reputation in the city. Quite a few years later..VOILA! It's now one of the most sought after areas for business's in the city! It started with adding some nice trees, planters, clearing out and cleaning up some storefronts. Bringing in reputable business's and creating fun things for people to attend like concerts and street fairs

New Business's moving in, new upscale restraunts such as Primal Pasta, Picaro (Latin Flair) The Hollows, and just plain yummy Hometown, Odd Couple, New Fuhao, Jin Jin Dumpling, from Latin, Cantonese, Italian cuisines...just about something for every ones tastes...not the mention the summer time Food Trucks that move in, and the street fair!

Some of the fun comes with a business like late night entertainment Manabar, Bartari, King Me Boardgamery, and now of course, Deadlock Escapes Virtual Reality and the new live action Wizard Escape Room Game! All pretty much in the same block!

And then there is the awesome Farmers Market around the corner on Ave B, now with new and upscale Condos being built all around the area.

The "new" Riversdale District is truly one of the best destinations for people looking for great food, and new and interesting activities. See you there!

Deadlock Street Plan

Deadlock Street Plan

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